Writing Great Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residency Personal Statement

internal medicine pediatrics residency personal statement writing

Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residency with Major Characteristics

Med-peds programs are authorized by using the acgme and aoa as a blended application rather than separate accreditation in inner medicinal drug and pediatrics. Even as there may be no med-peds board, as soon as a health practitioner efficiently completes a 4 year med-peds residency internal medicine program they are eligible to complete the board certification checks in each inner remedy and pediatrics. Internal medicinal drug is a 3 to 12 months residency software leading to board certification in inner medicine. Pediatrics is also a 3 year residency software main to board certification in pediatrics.

This permits over 20 fellowship opportunities for graduates as well as number one care and hospitalist medication. Even as med-peds residency provides incredible training for primary care, med-peds schooling also leaves open the option of pursuing a sub specialty in both internal remedy or pediatrics or both (e.G. Cardiology, infectious sickness, pulmonary/critical care, women’s fitness, sports activities medication, and so forth).

It provides double training in both pediatrics and internal medicine. The related information about the pediatrics and IM can be studied through this program. It takes 3 years for pediatrics and IM while the single year is for studying other courses.

The Importance of Your Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residency Personal Statement

Applying for a combined internal medicine pediatrics residency place is a hard job as you will be competing against so many very well qualified and experienced applicants for just a limited number of spaces. If you are going to be selected for your chosen place then you are going to need to ensure that your application is capable of making you stand out as an ideal choice. The only opportunity that you have to influence the decisions however is through writing your personal statement to the very best of your ability.

How to Write Effective Personal Statement?

You need to follow few steps or tips to write the eye-catching personal statement. The experts always suggest to follow these points for the proper assistance:

  • Start with writing an engaging introduction. You are supposed to give a best start to the personal statement to make it worth to read from all the aspects.
  • The body of your personal statement must have the relevant content. Therefore, try to write this part by adding all the useful information.
  • When you begin to write the PS, it is quite recommended to follow any written personal statement written by the expert.
  • It is better to check every word and sentence while writing the content. The corrections you made definitely helps in composing the valuable personal statement.
  • Never write the long paragraphs and walls of text in the personal statement. The more use of meaningless words results in giving not so great outcomes.

internal medicine pediatrics residency personal statement

What Does Your Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residency Personal Statement Need to Cover?

The personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself to the decision makers and that will mean telling them everything that they want to know about you. Ensure that you do your homework before you start writing to fully understand what they offer and what they expect from their residents by reading their website and other documents. You then need to ensure that you answer all of the following within your personal statement:

  • Why are you interested in internal medicine pediatrics?
  • How have you already pursued that interest?
  • How will this residency internal medicine fit into your career plans?
  • Why is this specific residency important to you?
  • Do you have all of the skills required for this residency?
  • What will you bring to the internal medicine pediatrics residency?

Remember to tailor your answers to better reflect their specific expectations and needs; but remain honest in what you write, don’t just try to match your answers fully to what they want to hear.

Tips for Writing Your Internal Medicine Pediatrics Residency Personal Statement

Applying for any internal medicine residency USA means writing a personal statement that will not only say the right things but will also get and keep the attention of the reader. The following writing tips will help you with writing the best possible personal statement for your residency application:

  • Use a personal anecdote, interesting fact, or even an interesting quotation to get the readers full attention right from the start
  • Make sure that you provide a logical flow throughout your statement so that they are drawn into reading all the way through
  • Use language that is wholly appropriate; avoid slang, abbreviations and technical jargon and don’t try to be clever by using difficult words that may not be understood
  • Remain concise, your word count is very limited so don’t use 20 words where 10 will do
  • Avoid any form of humor, it is rarely appreciated by everyone
  • Don’t make obvious statements in your writing, repeat anything that is available elsewhere in your application or use clichés
  • Write about yourself but do not lie or exaggerate anything

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