Must Know about IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs

Are There IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs?

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Not every residency program is going to accept International Medical Graduates (IMG) on to their program. Some are more IMG friendly than others and it can help to know which programs are more likely to accept an IMG than others before you make your internal medicine residency application. All programs have similar requirements for application with many of the applications going through the ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) or NRMP (National Residency Matching Program). Your application will need to be as strong if not stronger than any local applicants to be considered for a place.

Finding the best internal medicine residency programs shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish especially when you can take your search online. The internet is sure to yield dozens of potential residency programs that might fit what you are looking for. Aside from checking out possible residency programs, you should also start building your internal medicine personal statement. If you need help with writing your statement, we are here to give you the assistance you need and more.

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Are You Applying to IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs?

Most residency programs have their own website and will publish data regarding the number of places that they have available and various statistics regarding previous year’s admissions including the number of places awarded to IMGs. So if you applying for an IMG internal medicine residency you can use this data to check how likely you are to be able to gain a place. You can also check data by the different states and you will find that for instance, New Jersey has more than 50% of its places provided to IMG students while Washington, Utah and Colorado offer 5% or fewer places to IMG students.

Competition for residency places is tough no matter where you are from so being able to land a place on a program as an IMG will mean extra hard work. But it does not mean that you have to limit your choices to those programs that show a tendency for accepting IMG applicants. You can apply to many different programs so you can hedge your chances by applying to those programs that you really want to attend as well as some that you feel you have a very good chance of being accepted for due to their history of accepting IMG candidates. However, you should not just limit your applications to those that have a history of accepting large numbers of IMG candidates.
img friendly internal medicine residency programs

Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs

There are various medical institutions that offer residency programs but there are those that stand out among the rest.

If you are looking for top internal medicine residency programs you might want to read the list below and choose one that offers the best program for your needs:

Getting Accepted by IMG Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs

It does not matter if the residency that you are applying to is IMG friendly or not, you are still going to be competing against a large number of other applicants for a place and that means that you have to ensure that your internal medicine residency IMG application will make you stand out as an exceptional applicant. Grades and other qualifications are not the only factors in the decision-making process so you will have to make sure that your resume is up to date and fully reflects your skills and experience which are an important factor in the selection process. You also need to ensure that your internal medicine personal statement is written in an attention-grabbing manner and that it clearly shows your interest in the programs that you are applying for. The personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself and really show that you are deserving of a place on their residency program.

Once you’ve chosen a medical institution to take up your internal medicine residency you should focus on completing your application. Building your resume is just one step to fulfilling your application form the other is developing an impressive personal statement that will stand out from the crowd. If you feel like you need more help on this you should let our experts help you out.

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