Internal Medicine Residency Program Rankings 2018

internal medicine residency program rankings

Are the Internal Medicine Residency Program Rankings Important?

top 10 internal medicine residency programsIf you want to ensure that you attend the very best internal medicine residency program then you may be very concerned with the rankings that each receives. However, there are no official ranking tables produced for postgraduate medical training programs so it would be hard to compare each of the different institutions to come up with a true picture of which is the best. Also, you have to consider how you would judge and decide the criteria by which you would measure them. That being said a survey of almost 3,500 physicians commissioned by the US News & World Report gives some ideas as to how the different programs are ranked.

Many students would like to apply to the top internal medicine residency programs to ensure that they get the very best start to their career. However deciding which are the top ranked internal medicine residency programs is not going to be easy as there are no official tables based on performance or anything else. In fact it would be hard to decide what criteria to judge each program on to come up with a ranking. However a survey of around 3,500 physicians who were allowed to vote on which programs they felt were the best came up with a ranking table that you could use.

Critical Care Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Sleep Medicine
And Many More!

Our Top 10 Internal Medicine Residency Programs

The following are the rankings produced by the survey commissioned by US News & World Report to investigate which were the top internal medicine residency programs offered within the US. The rankings are based on the number of nominations each program received from the respondents to the survey.

Each respondent was allowed to nominate up to 5 different programs and in total they received some 9000 nominations with the following showing as the top internal medicine residency programs:

The top four mentioned programs very much stand out from the other programs further down the list making them very much the favored programs by those who responded to the survey.

top internal medicine residencyPotential Bias in Ranking the Top Internal Medicine Residency Programs

top ranked internal medicine residency programsThe problems with the internal medicine residency program rankings are the methods that were used to gain the results. A simple nomination by physicians is going to provide bias to the larger programs as the respondents will have had more contact with those programs than some of the smaller ones. So care should be taken when using the rankings produced and you should always do your own in depth research of the programs that you want to apply to and make an informed decision based on what the program offers rather than any ranking tables that you may find online.

Getting Accepted to Top Internal Medicine Residency Programs

Being able to get accepted onto one of the top internal medicine residency programs will mean ensuring that you application makes you stand out from the many other applicants. All of these programs are heavily oversubscribed so you will have to compete against many other very well qualified graduates. There is little that you can do at this point to alter your grades and other scores so you have to very much concentrate on ensuring that both your resume and your personal statements are perfectly written. A well written attention grabbing personal statement can help to sway any decision very much in your favor through the admissions committee.

Just using ranking tables is a very poor way to choose the right IMG friendly internal medicine residency programs for you. You should do your research and find the program that actually provides you with the support and the experiences that you are looking for to build your future career on, not just based on a ranking. You may find that some of those lower in the rankings offer an excellent program that very much supports your future aspirations.

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