FAQ on Internal Medicine Residency Application

Making your internal medicine residency application stand out might not be easy since you will be competing against other applicants for the spot. What’s more, you might find medical institutions to be quite strict in their screening process which is another hurdle that you need to pass. A good resume can only do so much especially when there are others who might have a better background than you. What you need is a personal statement that will convince them that you are the best choice for the program.

FAQ on Our Internal Medicine Residency Application Writing Service

Is my personal statement needed in internal medicine residency program?
Yes, it is. This is where you will be gauged according to your skills, experience, and personality.
Why should I hire your writing service?
We have highly trained and experienced writers working for us who are quite capable of making an impressive statement for you no matter how fast you need it.
Do you have any specific residency programs that you write about?
We can write personal statements regardless of what residency program you wish to take up.
Can you edit my work?
Yes, we can. We have professional editors working for us who can give your personal statement a thorough checking.
What if I’m on a budget?
You can still hire our services because the prices of our services are all affordable.
What if I am not satisfied with your work?
It may happen, but our writers provide multiple revisions and corrections until you are satisfied or will return your money.
Can I talk to my writer?
Yes, after you choose a service our writer will contact you to discuss the details and plan further steps of writing your personal statement.
What if I notice plagiarism?
That is impossible as we guarantee zero plagiarism in your document. Our personal statements are unique and written on the basis of your needs, requirements and your personal story.

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