SOAP Application Deadlines and Requirements

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Are you still having a hard time finding an internal medicine residency match? You are not the only one who has missed the residency series for the year but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the best residency program to enroll in especially when there is Match Week. Only those who have SOAP application xml are eligible for Match Week where they can get the chance to apply for unfilled positions for residency programs within four days. The question most people are asking is what SOAP is and how it is going to help them find a good residency program to enroll in.

Developed by using the national resident matching application in partnership with the affiliation of american medical colleges (AAMC), writing the SOAP replaced the “put up-fit scramble” because the system for acquiring submit-in shape appointments. the supplemental provide and acceptance program (SOAP) is the procedure thru which unequaled residency positions are stuffed by unequaled residency candidates in the course of suit week. For taking part residency applications with unfilled positions after the matching set of rules has been processed, soap is a standardized and uniform procedure for candidates who did no longer cozy a residency role or who only partially matched.

What You Need to Know about Application SOAP

SOAP, or Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program, is a program that assists residency candidates to find a match regardless of whether they are partially or fully matched based on the available unfilled positions for residency programs. This opportunity is only available for four days only starting on March 14 and ending on March 17 which means that you will need to step up your game for you to get your applications sent to your choice of programs immediately. Both the applicants and programs will only have a series of SOAP rounds to find their matches which is why students need to be ready for accepting or declining offers within 2 hours of each round.

The SOAP eliminates the need for the student to get in touch with the medical schools regarding their unfilled positions to remove confusion during the application process. Qualified SOAP candidates will have to send their application through ERAS only where they can send up to 45 applications in one sitting or more if they are willing to pay an extra fee. Those who are eligible for SOAP are those who are registered to Main Resident Match, partially or not matched to any residency program on the start of Match Week, and those are qualified for GME or Graduate Medical Education by July 1st. You will know whether you are not matched or partially matched during the first day of Match Week. Those who are eligible may submit their SOAP application example through ERAS.

soap process residency helpThis Is How It Works

Unrivaled applicants should observe to unfilled applications through the electronic residency application provider (eras®), the usage of the AAMC’s myeras internet site soap is a sequence of rounds all through which packages make offers to registered and eligible in shape candidates who did no longer in shape or handiest partially matched. Packages should list their desired applicants inside the NRMP registration, rating, and results® (R3®) system. Offers are then sent via the R3 device to candidates.

Positions offered and commonplace during cleaning soap establish a binding dedication, as enforced by the NRMP in shape participation agreement. After every round, the listing of unfilled positions is up to date and to be had for candidates to review. Candidates can acquire a couple of gives all through every spherical and need to determine instead speedy which they would choose, as those gives are legitimate best for a two-hour length.

Things to Do & Not to Do

  • If you aren’t, you will not have access to the list of unfilled packages posted with the aid of the NRMP at the beginning of suit week. Do make certain you are eligible for the suit.
  • This wishes to be completed via the AAMC’s MyEras the usage of your formerly uploaded eras utility. Do apply to handiest the unfilled packages for that you are eligible.
  • If you want to observe to packages that are not taking part in the match, you ought to wait till after healthy week. Do take delivery of positions best thru soap in case you are an unequaled applicant.
  • Don’t use other services to touch unfilled programs at the side of telephone, fax, email etc .

Tips to Boost SOAP Process Residency

If you want to increase your chances of finding a suitable match during Match Week, you can log in to your MyERAS account and make changes to your personal statement and your letters of recommendation. You won’t be able to access other parts of your application but you can revamp your statement so that it will be customized to the available residency programs of your choosing. Add to this the letters of recommendation written by reputable individuals and you will have a better shot at getting offers throughout the SOAP rounds.

Keep in mind that during the Match Week, you won’t be able to contact the programs but that they will be the ones who will reach out to you. This means that you will need to keep an eye on your email as well as your phone so that you will be able to accept or decline offers within the two-hour interval between rounds.
Make sure that you respond quickly because there are other applicants who will be vying for the same spot as you and will grab the opportunity as soon as they can. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to Match Week is that you need to be registered in NRMP if you want to access the full list of available residency programs. Other than that, you won’t be able to join the Match Week because applications will be sent via ERAS only.

Preparing for Match Week

Match Week is designed to give other applicants an opportunity to find a residency program that matches their needs but this four-day matching program will be tough as other resident hopefuls will be waiting too. As soon as Match Week starts, check out the available list of unfilled posts so you can get an idea of which ones to send your application to. Once done, you can send as many applications as you want. The programs will be the ones to download applications through ERAS. At this point, you will have to man the phone and your email in case you receive offers via these avenues.

You have the opportunity to accept or decline interviews so make sure that you study the offers and be ready for interviews even video calls because you only have this window of opportunity to find your perfect match. Also, you can use our internal medicine residency personal statement sample and write your perfect paper right now!

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