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personal statement for internal medicine residency helpIs It Easy to Get a Place on an Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency?

Getting a place on any residency internal medicine is going to be tough. Your osteopathic internal medicine residency is going to be heavily oversubscribed and you will be competing for a place against many other very well qualified and experienced applicants all hungry to get that place to further their careers.

So you will need to ensure that every aspect of your application is capable of making you stand out from the other applicants. The only place however where you have free reign to write what you like to make an impression is through your personal statement.

What Should Your Personal Statement for Internal Medicine Residency Cover?

When you are making your application to the osteopathic internal medicine residency programs you need to be aware that by far the most important document is going to be your personal statement. This is your only opportunity that you have to put in your own words why they should be accepting you. Your personal statement needs to give clear reasons for:

  • Why you are interested in osteopathic internal medicine
  • How you have pursued your career through to here
  • Where you see your future career
  • The importance of this specific residency on your career
  • What it is that you can offer the residency
  • Show that you have the required skills to benefit the residency

Writing the Best Personal Statement for Your Internal Medicine Residency Osteopathic Application

Not only does your personal statement for your osteopathic internal medicine residency or primary care internal medicine residency application need to say the right things it will also need to be written in a way that is going to get the readers full attention. Many writers make many common mistakes when writing their personal statement and this will cause the reader to lose interest in their statement. If you want to keep the reader on the page and get them to see your suitability for the placement you need to:

  • Open with a hook: typically an anecdote, quote or fact that will get the reader’s attention fully right from the opening sentence
  • Make your writing flow: you need to have a clear and logical flow through your personal statement
  • Don’t use clichés or make obvious statements or you will lose the attention of the reader
  • Be concise, never waste any words within your statement, make every word count
  • Use language that is going to be understood by anyone: don’t use slang, abbreviations, acronyms or technical jargon or try to be clever with unusual words
  • Always approach everything positively: say why you are doing something, not say that you are doing something because you don’t want to do something else
  • Write about you, this is a personal statement. But do not tell lies or exaggerate anything

osteopathic internal medicine residency

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