Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement Sample

For those who will be applying for internal medicine residency your resume isn’t the only thing that will be looked at by medical institutions. As a matter of fact, one part of your application that is also reviewed thoroughly is your personal statement. Unfortunately, many fail to make an impression with their statement because they do not really put any effort into writing it. If you don’t want to waste this opportunity to get noticed, it might be better if you look for an internal medicine residency personal statement sample to review.

Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement Sample

“I’ve always admired those who work in the healthcare industry not only because my mother was one but the fact that these people are the ones who care for our well being. They spend countless hours caring for those who need help using their knowledge and they make sure that everyone gets the right treatment as needed. My mother was devoted to her work as much as she was devoted to her family and growing up under her tutelage made me fascinated by the world of health care. This is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue this course during my undergraduate years and now I wish to complete my residency in your good institution knowing that your program offers valuable information and experience that I know will help me become the best doctor there is.

During my rotations in internal medicine, I was able to work with different kinds of patients that have various social and economic backgrounds. Aside from developing my abilities to acquire patient histories I also got a lot of insights into their personal life that helped us decide the best course of action to take based on their health problems. I was active in my duties and grabbed any opportunity that presented itself in the ward that will help me fulfill my role. I’ve also taken duties in a clinic in our area where I helped the locals with minor health concerns. My spare time was spent studying more about internal medicine and visiting patients to offer them news about their health as well as to get to know them better. I was able to help the less fortunate whose smiles made up the hardship and the long hours I’ve put in the clinic. Nothing beats having to help another soul in this world using the knowledge that I’ve gained through education and experience alongside my colleagues.”

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