Rheumatology Residency Personal Statement

rheumatology residency personal statement sample

How easy is it to get on a rheumatology residency program?

Diagnosing and treating disease of the joints, muscles and bones such as arthritis is an area that interests many graduates. To follow this interest you will have to complete a rheumatology residency. However being granted the place you want will very much depend on the quality of your application as you will be competing against many other graduates all looking for a good residency. Many will have grades and qualifications that are going to be very similar to your own so your only way to stand out will be through your personal statement for rheumatology residency programs. This is your opportunity to state in your own words why they should be accepting you for that place on their program.

What are the requirements for your rheumatology residency?

To apply for a rheumatology residency place you will be making your application through the Electronic Residency Application Service or ERAS. However do check before making any application as there are a few places that require applications to be made directly or supplementary information that needs to be submitted. You will also need to have already completed an internal medicine residency. A typical rheumatology application will require all of the following:

  • A rheumatology residency personal statement
  • Transcripts from medical school and USMLE
  • Your Medical Student Performance Evaluation
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • ECFMG and Fifth pathway cert for overseas graduates
rheumatology residency

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Writing an effective rheumatology residency personal statement

As stated above your personal statement is your chance to sell yourself and if done well it can sway any decisions in your favor helping you to get the place that you desire. To do this however is going to take a lot of hard work and time to craft that perfect internal medicine personal statement. The following are some simple tips as to what you will need to cover within your engaging rheumatology residency personal statement:

  1. Show how your interest in rheumatology has arisen and evolved.
  2. Show how you have pursued this interest prior to this application.
  3. Demonstrate clear career plans within Rheumatology.
  4. Show why you need to study with this specific residency.
  5. Clearly illustrate with examples that you have the skills to contribute to this residency.

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