Geriatrics Residency Personal Statement

Applying for Your Geriatrics Residency

applying for your geriatrics residencyIf you are looking to study and work on preventing and treating problems for elderly patients then you are more than likely going to want to apply for a geriatrics residency. A geriatric residency will help you to ensure a full career within this area but first, you have to be accepted. The problem is that it can be very difficult indeed to actually get your chosen residency as so many people will be chasing the most sought-after places. If you want to win a place then you have to ensure that your application is going to be the best, it has to make you stand out from the many other applicants. With most applicants having very similar grades and qualifications you will find that your geriatrics residency personal statement will often be the most important part of your application as it is the only part where you can promote yourself to the panel.

How to Apply for Your Chosen Geriatrics Residency

Most residencies work through the Match and your actual application will be made through the Electronic Residency Application System or ERAS which allows you to make multiple applications to different residencies online. However, it is always best to check carefully as some residencies do require personal applications or additional information.

A typical application for a geriatrics residency will require the following:

  • Your geriatrics residency internal medicine personal statement
  • Your Resume
  • USMLE and medical school transcripts
  • ECFMG for overseas graduates and MSPE reports
  • Letters of recommendation
  • PTAL of California letter if applying to study there
  • For overseas students a fifth pathway certificate

Writing the Very Best Geriatrics Residency Personal Statement

geriatrics residency personal statement sampleAs already stated your personal statement will almost certainly be the most important part of your application for residency. You have to ensure that it is written perfectly and covers everything that the panel is expecting to see.

This means your geriatrics residency personal statement needs to cover:

  • What has led you to want to pursue a career in geriatrics?
  • How you have pursued your passion through to this point.
  • How you see your career progressing after your residency.
  • Why you wish to study within this specific geriatrics residency.
  • Demonstrate that you have the skills and drive to make an impact on the residency.

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