AAMC Personal Statement Prompt for 2016

aamc personal statement prompt

Taking up a internal medicine residency program is the next step to take if you are aiming to enhance your skills and widen your knowledge of the medical field that you are in to be considered as an expert. You’re probably using the AAMC residency application to help expedite the process of applying to numerous schools but the problem here is standing out. Most of the applicants that you will be competing with may have the same background as you but the good news is that there is a way to get around this and that is by working on your personal statement ERAS. This is the best place for you to get the chance to stand out among the crowd. All that you have to do is find an AAMC personal statement prompt that will highlight your qualifications for the residency program.

What AAMC Personal Statement Prompt

Not all medical schools provide a prompt when it comes to personal statement because they want to see how their applicants will approach this part of their application. The simplest yet the most difficult prompt to use at this point is to answer the question, “Who are you?” For many residency hopefuls, describing who they are to admissions officers is quite daunting because they need to explain details about themselves that are not present in their resume. Some prompts that you will come across may be a bit vague such as, “Explain why you want to attend medical school in the space provided.” Although this leaves you more room to describe your reasons, the problem is that you may not be able to choose which information to include in your personal statement. Most applicants feel overwhelmed with the scope of the prompt that they fail to deliver the best paper that they can do. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you will be able to deliver the best personal statement there is by using these main principles.

  • Length of the statement. The personal statement should occupy one and half pages maximum but you can always submit a shorter but concise statement that will make your qualifications stand out.
  • Customization. Since you are applying for residency through AAMC, your personal statement should be customized to suit the program rather than specific schools because you will only submit a single application.
  • Be specific. Although most prompts for residency personal statement are vague, you will need to be specific in your writing. Talk about what has prompted you to pursue a course in this field. Add details as much as possible.
  • Unique traits. The personal statement is where you can shine so think about what unique traits you have that you think will put you above the rest.
  • Have your paper edited. Although there is nothing wrong with proofreading and editing your own work, letting someone else review it for you is highly recommended because they won’t be biased about your statement.

Get Spotted in Your AAMC Residency Search

It’s true that there are thousands of residency programs out there to consider but it can be overwhelming to think about which ones you should include in your list of choices. However, it is important that you narrow down the residency programs that you are interested in so you will be able to formulate a better statement to go along with your application. Once you have shortened the list of residency programs, you can check their similarities and from there, customize your statement to suit the requirements of the school. This way, even though you will be submitting a single application to multiple schools, you will still be able to give your readers something to ponder on when they read your personal statement. This is one of the reasons why writing your personal statement is the first thing that you should do when completing your residency application.

Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

You might be wondering how you’re going to make your statement stand out when the AAMC personal statement prompt is a bit vague. The best thing to do is to try to understand what is being asked of you so that you will be able to create an outline for your essay so that there will be a semblance of flow from your thought to paper. You need to ensure that your statement contains relevant information about you, your achievements, and your goals so that your readers will know what prompts you to pursue a residency. Without a doubt that you will be submitting the best statement you have ever written when you follow the tips mentioned above.

Choose an AAMC personal statement prompt from our list so you can start your paper immediately!